2. Marvin and Renee Cuddle

Marvin, now that it’s obvious that you’ve never had a girlfriend before, let me give you some advice: don’t mention your other crushes. Renee is swallowing enough of her pride by spooning with you, the last thing you can afford to do is bring up the fact that she’s literally your fifth choice. The good news is that none of those other girls returned your feelings, so maybe in Renee’s case the curse will be broken because of ~*~tRuE lOvE~*~. 

You know, I was wondering if the edit was hinting at a Renee and Marvin pairing the past couple of weeks, but I kept telling myself that there’s no way Renee would be fooled by his charms after seeing him run the same game unsuccessfully on all those other girls. I mean, she laughed in Marvin’s face the first times they were placed in affectionate scenarios! But I guess when you’re in the model house that long, Stockholm syndrome sets in and even the tear-soaked son of a janitor starts to look attractive. 

At least Renee realizes she should be embarrassed. Acknowledging that he’s an immature doofus, she can barely admit to the fact that she might like like Marvin. That doesn’t stop her from crawling into bed with him in the middle of the night, though.  Renee can insist that “Marvin is just a sexy pillow”, but she’s naive if she doesn’t think she’ll get sexually harassed all night even if her intention is just to cuddle.  

First, Marvin tells her he has a boner.


Then he mentions his infamous nearly-expired condom.


Good call, Marvin. I’m sure Renee is eager to pop that same rubber that never quite made it out of the package for Hayley, Bianca, Chlea, and Jiana onto your half chub and rock your world. Again, this is how we know you’ve never had a girlfriend before. And this is how we know that condom is going to expire before ever getting used.

Funniest Moments from ANTM Cycle 20 ep 9

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