19. The Signature Walk (Cycle 2)

"Don’t play me, you have a better chance at playing the lotto, that’s just like one in a billion." 

Recognize that quote? It’s from the beautiful mouth of Camille. That same beautiful mouth tends to get Camille in trouble, unfortunately. Whether she’s improvising drastically off-script in an acting challenge, insisting that she’s *not* going to push Catie into a big dish of caviar at a fancy party, or referring to Janice as a bitch to her face, Camille’s not doing herself any favors. In that last case, Janice, who calls herself a bitch on a regular basis, deadpans, “That offends me, I’m a member of the PTA.” Ha!

But the truth is that Janice is a bitch. And so is Camille for that matter. Even when “settling” an ongoing feud with Yoanna by forming an “Ebony and Ivory” friendship, Camille is being phony, vowing to “kill Yoanna with kindness”, emphasizing the killing aspect. Later, Camille goes in for the kill by insinuating to Tyra that Yoanna has an eating disorder, an incident that blows up in her face.

You’d think by that point she’d learn to keep her mouth shut, but Camille makes her biggest blunder when the girls go to Italy. At a go-see when a designer asks her to change her walk, she shuts him down. “This is my signature walk and this is what’s going to make me famous,” she states before talking over every response he tries to give.

In disbelief of that level of rudeness, the judges have finally seen enough to send Camille packing. That beautiful mouth finally does her in. While that signature walk never made her famous, that signature line sure did. Models were quoting that snippet for cycles to come. If ANTM had a history book, Camille’s quip would be right up there with “4 score and 7 years ago.”

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